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Identity is not fixed, nor unchanging; it is formed by distinct, personal experiences over time. My own identity incorporates realities lived: queer and Catholic. These identities overlap contradicting worlds that normally don’t intersect - merged within the compositions, creating a shared visual space using translucent shapes. Painterly styles and graphic elements are combined to heighten and challenge the viewer’s perception of a linear narrative. 


Roman Catholic theology of sexual orientation does not reflect the actual world that God has created for us. Instead, it reflects an understanding of another world’s time. The images I create depict the true theology that encompasses all understanding - with contemporary as well as historical queer and traditional Catholic ideologies existing in one space in time. My installations illuminate the tension between spirituality and sexuality in same-sex attraction. Objects are manipulated and double-coded to portray a third-space: gay and Catholic. The gifts of the church, wisdom, understanding, and fortitude, offer passageways that convey that LGBT Catholics have a place in the body of Christ.

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