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One’s personal vision is molded by examination and exploration of the world and is developed over time. When art is paired with this activity, a unique artistic vision is created. Through the development of my own artistic practice, I have gathered skills and insight needed to guide students through their artistic joys and obstacles. I am enthusiastic and passionate about being an educator. I believe in bringing up one’s best self to every aspect of the job, fostering an uplifting and trusting environment, where students feel comfortable.


The learning experience I cultivate for the students will encourage failure to gain success. I encourage mixing a million colors to find the one desired. I endorse trusting the process of artistic risk.

“…if there is no risk, there is no reward” – Christy Raedeke


The students will contextualize their visual voice in dialogue with historical and contemporary art. I believe that articulating the meaning of art enriches our realities and connects us to the world. The students will develop the ability to recognize fine and performing arts as expressions of human experience and make informed judgments about them. I encourage the students to speak and write about their artistic experiences. Over time, students will grasp the ability to evaluate concepts and techniques through individual and group critique processes. Journals and sketchbooks are great tools for the students to track this journey. Their practice will be put into perspective and I will encourage and mentor them individually on their work. The students will have a clear set of curriculum and expectations, guided assignments with emphasis on independent vision and direction.


As an educator, I respect my students, their talents, and recognize their individual investments of time and resources. As an artist, I learn by constantly creating and examining: this is what I hope to embed in the minds of those who come under my lead. Ultimately, I encourage the students to adventure deep within and bring a fresh voice into the world.

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