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Belong To(o) at Avila University

Friends -- I am pleased to announce the opening of my exhibition at Avila University in Kansas City, MO.

In this recent body of work, I have created surreal paintings of hands and feet, by removing the gender of the subject. This non-binary depiction of parts of the body allows room for a non-judgmental view into queer Catholic people. Inspiration is pulled from traditional Catholic paintings, noting the awkward poses and gestures of its subjects’ extremities. By concentrating only on the limbs, the viewer is allowed a detached judgement, which unearths existing anomalies. Continuing the study of natural growth, the work examines the vitality of life through plants, flowers, sticks and stones and string strong enough to bind, fragile enough to break. Alongside those elements, the appropriation of objects, color symbolism, and decoration illustrate a personal pilgrimage through the tension of existing in the same space.

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