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Totally Cool, Totally Art - End of Season Exhibition

I had the absolute honor of being involved in teaching Urban Painting for the free teen outreach program, Totally Cool, Totally Art. Alongside the talented partner, urban artist, JJ Muzacz - bringing both of our skills to the table, we brought painting to teens all across Austin! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. These teens are some of the brightest, most talented kids I have ever been around. Seeing their eyes light up when they create something they are proud of, is one of the best things to witness. I had such a blast working with this amazing team of artists. Special thanks to Clint Hofmeister and Kelly Hasandras for your constant support and beaming enthusiasm - and for being a light for the community for so many years. I'll never forget our time spent together. Here just a small taste of what we accomplished over the 2016-2017 year!

Totally Cool, Totally Art has been serving the Austin community for over 21 years.

Modeled as a free, after-school, arts education program, TCTA maintains a strong mentoring component both before the classes with recreation center staff and during the classes, where teens work alongside professional artists. Helping teens connect with role models in the community, the program reinforces their positive choices, gives them new experiences, builds respect and trust, keeps them out of trouble during high-risk after-school hours and improves their skills in creative expression, communication, teamwork and arts appreciation.

For More Information on TCTA

Delores Duffie Recreation Center

1182 North Pleasant Valley Road

Austin, TX 78702

Contact Name : Clint Hofmeister

Phone Number : 512-974-5682

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