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NASTY FOLK Exhibition

I am pleased to announce my participation in NASTY FOLK with friend and artist, Peregrine Honig.

NASTY FOLK is a one-day group art exhibition and sale on Inauguration day Jan 20th 2017, which serves to demonstrate solidarity among artists, and all other people who identify with being Nasty Folk. It is also a fundraiser to support the ACLU, an organization that fights for individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. 100% of the profits of this event will go directly to the ACLU.

Un Just acrylic and pencil color on fabric, 2017

I created this piece after hearing Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ executive order protecting state LGBT employees had been declared unconstitutional by State District Judge Todd Hernandez in December 2016. I'll start off by saying, I love my home state... and I want all to feel loved and accepted there. It hurt hearing about this legal action. The original flag you can see the pelican, protecting her babies and sacrificing herself by shedding her blood for them. Their shape, creates a fleur de lis, a sign of Catholic Charity. The banner reads "Union Justice and Confidence." My manipulation of the flag is simply an altering of what is present. Pointing out the issues within. The middle baby pelican is seen falling or leaving the nest. There is no blood droplet for it to live from. It simply does not feel welcome or safe.

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